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Regional Agent

Regional Agent

In the previous article, we talked about the global pandemic that caused shipping costs to rise, so how should we respond to our regional agents in various countries?

Regional agents are our long-term partners and our important protection objects. We  recommend rail or sea transportation, and 40HQ for shipping containers. What we can  do in a severe market environment is to help customers save costs as much as  possible, rationally arrange the pace of shipments, and control costs within the lowest  range.

In addition to the mode of transportation, we also recommend that customers have a      small amount and multiple categories in the procurement mode. Ensure the integrity and diversity of the goods supplied. In this way, our regional agent can provide one-stop supply, while saving more purchase costs and transportation costs for his customers. In terms of the purchase MOQ, we will adjust the original single 1000PCS or 2000 PCS to 200PCS. This will undoubtedly give customers more convenience and minimize the customer's inventory risk.

This year, we have accelerated the pace of new product development and new product design, and these new products will also be provided to customers at the lowest price and lower minimum quantity. We believe that through our careful planning, our foreign agents will certainly create more brilliant sales performance this year.

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