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Agent Procurement Service

Agent Procurement Service

With the development of the Internet and the maturity of the social media model, the world is more closely displayed before our eyes. What’s new in the last second will blow up our WeChat Moment in the next second. Social distancing has become within reach.

Human nature is curiosity and yearning for the unknown. The increasingly open social media has also stimulated the diversity of human needs, and this is also true in China. In order to cater to the market, Chinese factories will launch new products every month to seize the market. The product update cycle is getting shorter and shorter, and the release efficiency will be faster and faster. New products with better quality, higher efficiency, and more complete functions have become a business norm to replace the original products. This is not only an objective law of product development, but also an important means for companies to win in competition. Finding new products and publishing new product quotations is one of our most important services.

The biggest difference between us and others is the manual combination of PC-side intelligent search. When the picture or information provided by the customer is not comprehensive enough, search engines such as Google and Yahoo cannot determine the product quality and production plant. At this time, our professional marketing team is particularly important. They will quickly collect any product information you want based on years of market procurement experience and consulting professionals through industry websites. For most popular products, we provide free quotations and product parameter information. Of course, we will charge a reasonable remuneration for more specialized products according to the workload. These fees will be refunded to customers as the advance payment for subsequent orders.

Nine years of market experience has accumulated a lot of market experience for us in finding products and making quotations. On this basis, we have also helped many non-adult products customers complete their purchases. With our help, quite a number of customers went from purchasing once a year to purchasing multiple times a year, and sales increased by 400% in three years. This is a very remarkable figure! ! ! Some customers first needed to come to China to purchase in person. After working with us, they completely solved the trouble of purchasing in the Chinese market. Through our joint efforts, the customer's operating costs have been drastically reduced, which intangibly saves customers a lot of time and operating costs.

It is worth mentioning that we help customers purchase directly from the source factory, and the goods are sent directly to the destination port, saving a lot of middlemen and manpower and material costs. These are the potential advantages for our customers to win.

If you are also worrying about how to import from China, and hesitate for yourself because of the long journey you are worried about being deceived, we will solve these problems for you one by one. The Internet has brought the world closer, and it has also brought me closer to you. We are the best service consultant around you.

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